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  Consulting Services

All services from Aureole Infotech are delivered with a time commitment and are based on flexible and customizable Service delivery model as detailed below,

Service Delivery Framework
Aureole InfoTech integrates end to end solution based on its service delivery model where key Domain knowledge, Enterprise data, Industry standards and innovative ideas culminate in delivering the complete solution. The framework is detailed below :



Aureole offers in-depth consulting and projects experience in the areas of:

  • General IT and Process Consulting Services
  • Security Auditing Consulting Services
  • Operations Management Consulting Services

General IT and Process Consulting Services

Aureole experienced consultants work with their clients to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes using existing or new IT tools . The key focus of all the consulting services are productivity improvements in a comprehensive security manner . The components of Service are :

  • Requirement Generation and Service Framework Creation 
  • Risk Assessment and Policy Framework Development
  • Tools identification and implementation
  • Providing Specialist Manpower where required  

IT Infrastructure and IT Security Auditing Consulting Services

Aureole Infotech will conduct effective security audits that will examine the overall security management policies and practices. Our specialists will analyze your security requirements and establish effective policies, standards and management architecture principles to guide your organizational security decisions.

Operations Setting-Up & Management Consulting Services

Aureole undertakes projects on an IOT ( Initiate , Operate and Transfer ) model whereby the client can have new or existing projects activated from a business plan level to fully operational stage .At an appropriate time the client can take over the service delivery function along with people ,processes and infrastructure . The components of the service are :

    • Requirement and Specification Planning
    • Tool and Vendor identification
    • System Integration
    • Team Setting up and Operations activation
    • Running Operations 
    • Transfer of the Services to Client



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