We are Managed Service Provider
  Management Services

The Key Objective of Aureole’s Management Services is to empower the Organization to have complete visibility and thereby achieve international standards for service reliability and quality, and enjoy the peace of mind.

Compared to managing IT internally, out tasking all or some functions to a Managed Services Provider provides the following benefits:

Allows the company to Focus on their Core Business Area

  • Enables better housekeeping of their Information
  • Increases levels of support and availability without additional staff
  • Convert the cost model from Variable to Fixed cost
  • Makes the IT budget more stable and predictable
  • Provides access to the latest technology with limited risk
  • Provides access to an enhanced skills base
  • Makes it easier to adapt to changing business conditions

Managed IT Infrastructure Services

Our IT Infrastructure Management Services include:

Server Management

  • Server management services on Linux and windows platform. The server management services include:
    • Users Management
    • Server Monitoring
    • Roles, Rights, Access, performance management
    • Services like single sign on
    • Mail server, Application Server, FTP servers, print servers, file servers, virtual server

Data NWs Management

Data NW management services include

  • Management of network devices, such as routers and switches
  • Network device configuration
  • Associated software installation, updates, and patching
  • 24x7 monitoring and management of the network infrastructure
  • Incident management and troubleshooting
  • Change management technical support

Desktop Management

  • Software Distribution

    • Pilot rollout/ Testing of software validity
    • Impact Analysis
    • Security Updates
    • Service packs


  • Patch Management
    • Patch Discovery
    • Full Patch Impact Analysis in a lab environment
    • Patch Deployment in production environment


  • Handheld Management
    • Policy-based software management
    • Encryption of sensitive corporate data


  • Account Management
    • Automated Password reset screen
    • Automate the user management process through scripts


  • Antivirus Management
    • Continuous vulnerability scanning for latest updates
    • Random sampling of desktops to ensure correct signature updates across all the desktops in an organization


  • Remote Control

    • Start a chat session with the target
    • Send and/or Receive Files/Directories to and from a Target
    • Take control of the remote machine; execute commands and applications (active state)

Vendor Management

Vendor Management is the USP of Aureole. The vendor management services include:

  • Suggestions on vendor contracts with clients
  • Vendor coordination related to IT services on behalf of clients
  • SLA reviews of the vendors and actions on the review reports

Asset Management

Our Asset Management Services enable you to have the following:

  • Detailed hardware and software inventory
  • Web-enabled reporting
  • Tracking on Aureole unique item identifier system
  • Inventory Alarms
  • Management of inventory items up to the level of CD, printer ink and cartridges etc.

Any change, howsoever minute it may be, will be noticed and reported by us. This will enable you to have complete visibility and control on your assets. You know in real time the complete inventory of your hardware and software assets and all the changes that have happened over a period of time. 

Managed IT Security Services (MSS)

Our MSS help customers evaluate current security, detect misuse and violations, respond to incidents and implement changes to improve network defenses. Aureole helps its customers identify and solve real-time security risks by using a proven continuous management process to plan, design, construct and operate a security-rich environment for their applications and transactions.

These services help an enterprise in maximizing the value of the information and network security investment and minimizing the security risk exposure. The services utilize the people, processes, technology, and intelligence to help an enterprises prevent, detect, and respond to vulnerabilities and threats in real time.

Our services include:

  • Security Device Management
  • Security Information /Threat Intelligence
  • Consulting on Compliances

Security Device Management

Managed UTMs/Firewalls

Protect internal and external networks by restricting the types of network protocols and traffic allowed on your network Firewall appliances, which the service provider manages remotely, include dedicated hardware and software platforms located on your premises

Managed Intrusion Prevention Systems

Identify and stop inappropriate attempts to access the network, systems, services, applications, or data. Intrusion detection services (IDSs) rely on network-based or host-based monitors, and often match monitored traffic or activity against profiles of known attacks

Managed Antivirus Protection

This service most often involves checking for viruses at the gateway or firewall as well as in e-mail messages, attachments, and file transfers. The service might include automatic updates to antivirus definition files.

Managed Endpoint Protection

This service detects and stops anomalous behavior on endpoint devices, such as desktops and servers. In this way, companies can prevent damage from “Day-Zero” security threats whose signature has not yet been identified.

Managed Authentication

Authentication refers to a group of processes and technologies used to verify the identity of a user attempting to gain access to systems or applications

Managed Content Filtering

Filtering is used to isolate and block content deemed inappropriate according to internal policies or regulatory policies

 Security Information /Threat Intelligence

All customers will have the ability to receive business-critical, timely communications from Aureole’s security experts. The informative announcements provide highlights of latest security research while announcing current vulnerabilities as discovered by different agencies.

Emerging Attacks Detection

Aureole’s Security Operations Center (SOC) employs a number of methods to monitor Internet activity and detect emerging threats and attacks.

  • Track vendor reported vulnerabilities
  • Monitor industry resources such as
    • Security related websites
    • Mailing lists
    • Security related news forums

After the detection of a new threat, a thorough Risk Assessment methodology will be used to determine the potential impact of the threat and the appropriate threat mitigation strategy. All threats will be rated as High, Medium and Low to determine the relevance to our customers based on:

  • Threat Impact: The scope and importance of applications and services affected by the security threat
  • Threat Spread: The spread rate of an attack determining propagation method and speed
  • Threat Target: The network elements targeted by the threat

Taken together, these factors are then used to calculate threat ranking and severity, determining the necessity and viability of developing a filter, along with its requisite release timeframe.

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