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  Monitoring Services

Aureole Monitoring services are based on the basic paradigm of visibility and control and aim to provide its clients comprehensive visibility into their own network.

The Objective of the service is to empower the CEO/CIO /IT Head so that they have better and complete visibility into their IT environment 24x7.

In simple terms Monitoring Services are all about catching small problems before they turn big. Businesses get affected  most often by numerous small, mundane problems normally gone unnoticed e.g.  worms and bots infecting PCs; user installation of unauthorized applications; hard drives filling up; outsiders running scans and probes against your internet connections etc.

The monitoring services help client’s meet regulatory compliance and higher availability thereby increasing the overall ROI of the IT investment. The services offered are of two types:

  1. Security Monitoring
  2. Infrastructure Monitoring

The Monitoring Model is based on Core Concept of Security with Availability as both are intertwined and mutually inclusive for service delivery

  1. 3D view of the Infrastructure
  2. 3D view of the Security
  3. Monitoring the two Views

Fig :3D view of the Infrastructure

Fig : 3D view of the Security


Fig: Monitoring Model


Security Monitoring

The Key Objective is to enable the clients to have a comprehensive visibility into their environment which includes Users' behavior, Applications, Hardware, and Operating systems, Network Elements etc. This enables the client to see the security status from Firewall to User behavior and get alerts and alarms for any breaches in real time.

Infrastructure Monitoring

The services enable a client to see their Infrastructure live in terms of Devices availability and performance along with voltage, temperature, fan speed etc. Additionally the NW performance along with Bandwidth usage is all visible.

Both the services are monitored in real time by qualified and fully trained professionals .Additionally at the back end, a team of specialists analyzes all the data and escalations and handles all the false positives before releasing the alerts to the clients.

All the services are delivered using Aureole developed tools which are based on Open Source and are designed to handle all kinds of environment viz. Microsoft, Linux, UNIX, Solaris, and AIX etc.


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