We are Managed Service Provider
  Service Delievery Model

The Service uniqueness comes from the focus on proactive approach versus reactive approach using Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) model. The BAM model is focused on ensuring that the client's IT environment talks about all its pain with the S-NOC through a series of alerts and alarms so that preemptive action can be taken to close the issues before they become a fire.


Fig. 1 Aureole Service Architecture

The delivery process entails utilizing Remote Monitoring (using BAM model) and maximum possible Remote Management services using a combination of Offsite, near site and Onsite based people and infrastructure. The process ensures reduction in cost along with better response time, and problem resolution services.  The service is delivered from Aureole’s S-NOC in New Delhi.

The entire delivery process is based on comprehensive set of service level metrics which are measured and monitored so as to provide visibility into the status of the service delivery. The service level metrics is trended monthly and analyzed for change.  Certain critical service levels are monitored on a weekly basis or as events take place that can affect the metrics. This is done so that improvements can be implemented immediately to minimize the impact to the business.

Aureole has also developed process for enabling the client to view their dedicated agent's activities live as it unfolds in the S-NOC thereby providing complete control to the client about the service delivery.

The figure below depicts graphically the hierarchy of the service structure.


Fig. 2 Aureole Service Delivery Model

Alert/Incident Management Process

Aureole’s Managed Services provide round the clock incident response services. In the event of a network attack, such as Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDOS) or disruptive unauthorized network access, the incident response team provides advice and assists in cleanup, helping the customer for the duration of the incident in order to minimize the incident's impact. The incident response service assures network and system continuity/ survivability, minimizes detrimental financial, brand and customer impacts, provides real time forensics and actionable dynamic threat advice, satisfies legal mandates, and protects against potential legal liability.

The process consists of the following steps :

  • Detection and Logging
  • Triaging
  • Alerting and Follow up
  • Initial Support
  • Investigation and Diagnosis
  • Resolution and Recovery
  • Incident closure
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