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According to various research agencies the global market for Managed IT Infrastructure services and Managed IT Security services is growing exponentially. Clients understand that investment in IT Security Monitoring and Management is a necessity due to the threats that organization face internally and from outside as well. If not handled properly, these threats may prove to be fatal for their businesses. A service provider out of India has the benefit of passing on the benefits of significantly lower operating costs and experience.

Aureole is ideally positioned to capture a good part of this large market due to its focused approach, range of services on offer, service delivery model, its processes and its skilled and experienced staff.

Most of the service providers in the market started with the business of Systems Integration and hardware selling and have moved to Managed Services over a period of time. Because of the way they have evolved, their focus is still IT Infrastructure Management Services and Threat Remediation in IT Security space which boils down to IT Security hardware and software selling, installation and implementation, Maintenance and after sales support. 

Aureole has evolved differently and is part of a new emerging service providers' segment (in the US and Europe) which start as Managed Services company with focus on Monitoring and Management only. It carries no legacy.

Aureole’s competitive strengths are:

  1. The company does not carry any baggage in terms of mindset for the business focus. The focus of the company from day one has been Managed Services and therefore, the services have been designed accordingly.
  2. The company is focused on providing services and not on selling any products or solutions.
  3. It has a very wide range of services which to our understanding and knowledge are not being offered by any other company.
  4. Aureole has developed a platform based on Open Source technology along with related service delivery models and processes so as to reduce the cost of service delivery to the small and medium businesses.

We work to understand the clients’ strategic initiatives, company culture and objectives, and align account services and executive management to ensure our services is in sync with your business goals at every stage of the relationship


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